The pomegranate has become a very popular super-fruit in recent years due to its high anti-oxidant capacity, plus its rich, tart flavor.

For general information on pomegranates, see our informational article.

Pomegranate is available in many forms including whole fruit (autumn season), juice and juice mixtures, sorbet, and powder. A new machine from Israel makes it possible to sell just the pomegranate arils (seeds) fresh in a supermarket.

This video is NBC news on the health benefits of pomegranate.

This video from the Food Channel shows how pomegranate juice is made commercially, including picking of the fruit.

Loma Linda research indicates pomegranate may have beneficial effects in avoiding Alzheimers (based on studies with rats)

How about pomegranate wine from Israel?

Here are some images showing the fruit and flowers of a pomegranate tree