Pomegranate Aril Packaging Machine from Israel

Fresh Pomegrranate Arils

Hefestus, a food packaging machine designer and manufacturer from Israel, has developed a system which removes, cleans and packages pomegranate arils (the red seeds inside, which are the edible portion of the pomegranate). The packaged arils are then sold fresh in grocery stores (currently in Israel). The system is purported to remove the arils and package them in such a way that the natural preservative from the skin coats each seed providing natural anti-rancidity protection for longer shelf life. The shelf life is further extended by packaging the arils using modified atmosphere packaging (likely minizing oxygen and avoiding vacuum which can damage the arils).

According to Hefetus,

“The pomegranate is an expensive fruit with delicate and sensitive arils. The demand for a full solution including long shelf-life packaging without vacuum that can damage the arils texture came from the market. It took 24 months to develop the pomegranate production line based on our’ proprietary technology”

The steps used in the process are:

Rinsing the fruit with water at room temperature;

Cutting the pomegranate to large pieces automatically or manually;

Separating the peel from the arils and the paper-thin white membrane surrounding the seed clusters;

Drying the arils and placing them on trays;

Packing of the fruit using Modified Atmosphere Packaging;

(Above information from New line could cut pomegranate production overheads, Jane Byrne, Beverage Daily, 18SEP2008).

According to Hefetus, they have sold one machine in the US, which will install the last quarter of 2008.